What Essential Oils Are Made for Fall?

October 5, 2018 - Category Uncategorized

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The fall season is time for relaxation, cooler weather, and beautifully colored leaves falling from the trees. Many holidays come up during this season and it is a great time to spend it with family and friends. To get you in the mood for fall, fill up your living space with the amazing smells of essential oils. The air can be filled with the smells of baking aromas, spices, and homecooked meals. There are some specific recipes that can give you those smells of autumn that use other essential oils to give an amazing blend:

The Woods:

This blend is created to give you that smell of walking through the woods during the fall. The damp leaves and mud give you that crisp breath of air with a hint of winter. This requires 4 drops of fir needle, 2 drops of juniper berry, and 2 drops of peppermint.

Chai Tea Latte:

Everyone loves a good chai tea latte, especially in the fall! Give your home the smell of that amazing warm drink so you never go a day without it. Use 3 drops of cardamom, 2 drops of cinnamon bark, 2 drops of vanilla, and 1 drop of ginger root.

Fresh Gingerbread:

Tis the season for gingerbread cookies! A perfect holiday recipe that tastes as good as it smells. Use 4 drops of ginger root, 2 drops of cinnamon bark, 2 drops of clove, and 1 drop of vanilla. This blend will give you that amazing smell of those delicious cookies.

Citrus Needle:

Doesn’t everyone love the smell of fresh trees and pine needles? Why not have it in your home! Use 4 drops of fir needle and 4 drops of sweet orange. This blend will give your home that fresh forest smell you have been looking for.

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