Health Coaching

Kimberly Verbeke, Integrated Nutritional Health Coach

Are you confused every time you see a new diet being raved about on TV, the news or at the bookstore? Do you feel more and more lost about which guru to follow? Have you ever thought about your ancestors and how they ate, how that has coded your DNA and what makes your body feel best? Do you sleep well? Are you type A that works out 2 hours a day even when you’re sick? Are you in a relationship where you can’t be yourself? Have you ever considered a Health Coach? Now is the perfect time to move forward in living your very best life!

A heath coach is someone that helps you navigate the confusion that exists around food, the type of diet that is best suited to your background and lifestyle, exercise – what works for you, stress and how it affects health, weight and quality of life, relationships and the piece of the pie that is often overlooked – sleep.

Why you should chose a health coach: one huge reason to work with a health coach is accountability. We will work together on actionable items each time we meet, and at our next appointment we’ll see how those items are working in your everyday life to help you feel amazing! I will assist you in any way possible to ensure your success, from perusing grocery isles, to a workout plan, to discussing what’s going on in your relationships. Together we will give you ownership and the tools to make great decisions!

We offer a free 30 minute consultation…so we can make sure that we’re the right fit and that you’re comfortable 🙂

You can chose from the following menu:

  • 6 month package: we will meet twice a month for 6 months, each appointment will be an hour
    $195 per month – 10% discount when paid in full up front
  • 1 year package: we will meet twice a month for 1 year, each appointment will be an hour
    $170 per month – 10% discount when paid in full up front
  • Group classes: 6 weeks in a small group setting for an hour (no more than 5 people)
    $145 per person

What you’ll receive: 1-3 actionable items for you to incorporate into your daily life, given to you each time we meet. We are all bio-identically different, meaning each person will have specific needs and goals. We will work through what YOU need each time we meet. Now, let’s get going, you have one life and you should feel amazing!