Cryotherapy Skin Rejuvenation

September 18, 2018 - Category Uncategorized

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Although most people think cryotherapy is a recovery tool used by professional athletes, did you know that it also has amazing skin rejuvenation benefits?

Collagen production is what keeps your skin youthful and elastic. Whole body cryotherapy sessions have been known to increase the rate of collagen production. Increased collagen means more youthful skin!

Skin irritations like acne scars or blemishes can also fade with cryotherapy treatment. The cold treatment will bring blood away from your extremities and near your vital organs like your heart. When your body heats up after your cryotherapy session, fresh, oxygen-rich blood returns to the rest of your body.

The skin is an organ like any other organ in the body. Because of this, inflammation from poor diet can cause irritations around the body. Two such irritations are Eczema and Dermatitis. These inflammations of the skin occur as the body’s natural reaction to a number of triggers. One way to combat these symptoms; however, is using cryotherapy to reduce swelling of these areas. In addition, you may speed up the anti-inflammation process by allowing fresh blood back into the areas of inflammation around your body, especially the skin.

Not only does cryotherapy rejuvenate the skin itself, but it can help tone the appearance around your body by reducing fat layers underneath the skin. After one whole-body cryotherapy session, you can burn as many as 500 – 800 calories! Your body burns these calories in order to bring your body temperature back to normal.

Enjoying a whole-body cryotherapy session can help you lose weight, since weight is a direct result of calories consumed minus calories burned. But cryotherapy also increases your metabolism, meaning your body can burn calories faster!

Did you know that metabolism slows down with age? This process happens to everybody, but using techniques to boost your metabolism, like exercise and cryotherapy, can keep your metabolism going faster for a longer period of time.

Believe it or not, our bodies thrive on beneficial stress. Compare a “couch potato” to someone who exercises regularly. The difference between both individuals is that one stresses his or her body consistently and in a healthy way. Similarly, cryotherapy sessions place a small amount of beneficial stress on the body to keep metabolic functions healthy and the skin rejuvenated!

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