CryoSkin VS Cryotherapy

September 7, 2018 - Category CryoSkin treatment

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K2 Cryospa is a family owned business located in San Antonio. When you have tried everything else for pain relief, weight loss, and other ailments don’t give up just yet! K2 Cryospa offers many services to help you with natural anti-inflammatory and natural weight loss solutions. Out of the number of services they provide, let’s compare the CryoSkin versus Cryotherapy.

What are these services?

Cryotherapy: this is a chamber that shoots out hyper cool air all over your body for fast, natural weight loss.

CryoSkin: this is a process focusing on fat removal and skin toning. There are two types: CryoSkin Slimming and CryoSkin Lifting. CryoSkin Slimming destroys fat cells in the body and increases metabolism by using hot and cold temperatures to treat one area of the body. CryoSkin Lifting can remove cellulite in the body and help reduce the signs of aging and wrinkles by using cold temperatures.

How long do they take?

Cryotherapy: the first appointment will take between 15-20 minutes because we want to educate you on the process and answer any of your questions. After the first appointment, the following appointments will only take around 5-7 minutes.

CryoSkin: the slimming is a 30-minute treatment and only performed every two weeks to allow enough time for the body to get rid of the fat cells. The lifting is a shorter 20-minute treatment, but if you want more than one area to be treated, each area will take 20 minutes.

What areas of the body do these treatments focus on?

Cryotherapy: it focuses on the whole body because you step into a chamber with minimal clothing.

CryoSkin: the slimming focuses on the stomach, but arms, back, and legs are other options. The lifting is done on the face, thighs, arms, or other areas that need toning.


Cryotherapy: it is known to reduce recovery time after workouts, inflammation, aches, cellulite, dermatitis, stress, depression, dry skin, acne, insomnia, osteoporosis, asthma, fatigue, muscle soreness, and tendonitis. It is also known to improve the rate of skin repair, metabolism, weight loss, collagen production, energy, joint function, fitness performance, and rate of detoxification.

CryoSkin: both slimming and lifting CryoSkin have results of increased metabolism, weight loss, slowing down the aging process, collagen production, and cellulite reduction.

If you are interested in both or either of these treatments, contact K2 Cryospa today!