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Compression Therapy Performed in San Antonio, TX

We offer the most innovative compression therapy treatments in San Antonio, TX. At K2 Cryospa, we utilize NormaTec’s patented sequential PULSE technology that is set apart from other massage compression devices because it uses three distinct massage techniques all in one: pulse, gradient hold, and distal release. Through this combination, the body is able to speed through the recovery process.

Some of the most elite users of this innovative technology include NCAA programs; the majority of the NFL, NBA, and NHL teams; the Navy Seals, and the US Olympic Committee. And now you can use this compression therapy to decrease muscle fatigue and stiffness and also get quicker muscle recovery time. You will also notice a reduction in swelling and pain, as well as an increased range of motion! In addition, compression therapy is known as a natural weight loss technique.

When you wear the NormaTec comfort compression sleeves they enclose your legs, arms and shoulders, and your lower back and hips. This way you can have a deep and relaxing massage paired with a rolling sensation that aids in your full recovery. If you have any questions about our compression therapy treatments, please don’t hesitate to reach out.

Take advantage of this cutting edge recovery technology


Rams Recovery Room
Recovery with Normatec
Inside the NormaTec Recovery Room with Celtics Trainer Ed Lacerte
How To Use Recovery Boots
How It Works
  • Pulsing: The pulsing action of the equipment mimics the natural muscle pump of the arms and legs which enhances the movement of the fluid and metabolites out of the limbs after intense use.
  • Gradient Hold: This constant pressure keeps the body’s fluids from being forced to one end of the limb while the pulsing continues.
  • Distal Release: This prevents any backflow of fluids by releasing the hold pressure in each zone, which allows each limb to gain maximum rest time without interrupting compression cycles.

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